Spring and Summer in these altered times...

COVID-19... things have shifted from the usual seasonal flow. What started out as days of "wait and see" quickly evolved into weeks and months, and we are all in this together which makes it somehow even weirder. Such a massive collective tilt!

My studio work flow is still evolving in this new and ever-changing situation, and it is still tentative. The work is flowing, just slower; it's harder to focus and lose myself in the work. 

My usual busy festival and market season is either cancelled or up in the air, so I'm going to be shifting my selling groove here, to my website which I confess, I chronically underuse. 

Get ready for a shop update on April 10th, and another a couple weeks later. 

Mother's Day and Garden Season are coming up, and I have some new mug designs as well as some wee plant pots and vases that I can't wait to share with you!

Locals have the option of deliver-to-your-door or an arranged pick up, whichever suits your physical distancing needs. All mailed orders will be wiped thoroughly before packaging.

Stay healthy out there, and be kind to each other.

Love - Eva


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